Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Game Plan Reflection

I have tried to work toward my game plan goals this week. I have been updated my classroom website to make sure that it is appealing to parents and keeps them updated on what we are doing in the classroom. This is keeping open communication with them, as well as offering various websites that will help their students with the skills we are currently studying.

In addition, I have discussed opportunities for professional development with my principal. I led a technology in-service for teachers in our system this summer, and I plan to continue to do this. I also hope to attend a technology conference in the spring to continue to learn more about incorporating technology in the classroom.

I plan to continue what I am doing in order to meet the needs of my students as well as my game plan goals. I want to make sure that my goals are relevant and I will continue to reflect on that. At this time I do not think I need to change my plan and I do not currently have any questions.

Linzie Humphrey


  1. Linzie,

    Our school district has main-streamed websites this year. Three years ago, they purchased Macbooks for every classroom teacher with a grant. We have websites developed through iWeb. Did you have to create your own, or did your district provide a web address etc? I am curious to see if all school districts require teachers to create their own sites from scratch. I believe that this would prevent many digital immigrant teachers from updating and managing their sites.


  2. Linzie,

    I have to giggle a little regarding your comment about teaching professional development for coworkers in the area of technology. It seems that as my technological abilities increase, I am in involved in much more technology professional development. Sadly, I am always running it! Do not get me wrong, I am more than happy to share what I have learned, regularly offer to run programs, and avail myself to colleagues that are having difficulty with technology. But, I rarely get the opportunity to participate in training that can improve my knowledge base. I do believe that a great deal of technology learning needs to be gained through practical experience, but I want to know where to look! I have tried to use the lessons I have learned in my Walden coursework and topics covered in my favorite education/technology blogs as my own little syllabus, but I feel like I am constantly doing my own leg work. Please do let me know if you have found any resources online that you have found helpful in moving along your own learning, I am always on the lookout!


    I am very jealous of your laptop grant! Enjoy it! :)


  3. Linzie,
    It seems that you are keeping up with your GAME plan. What type of information to do post on your website for your parents? I currently have homework and helpful websites/youtube videos, but I want to add more so I am interested in what you post.

    High-Five to you for leading your school in technology in-services. Is your school/district willing to send you to workshops/in-services/conferences so you can continue learning?


  4. Hayley,

    Our district provides our websites. We are required to keep them updated weekly and they are monitored regularly to make sure we are doing so. It is something they feel is very important.


    I know exactly what you mean about not being able to learn more about technology. I am asked questions all the time, but never have time to find out more myself. I recently got activexpressions to go with my Promethean Board and unfortunately I do not know how to use them yet. I am looking forward to learning more about them and how to incorporate them into my classroom.


    I post weekly skills, homework, websites, and other important information such as projects, etc. on my website. My principal is willing to send us to workshops to continue our learning, however I am having a hard time finding one that interests me. Do you know of any?

    Linze Humphrey

  5. Linze,

    You seem to be doing well with your goals. Keep up the good work. Does your school provide you with a website to put all of your class information on or do you have to create one yourself? Also, I presented at a professional learning day at my school as well. Did you have a lot of trun out? I was slightly dissapointed with the turn out to my meeting.

    Jonathan Garrett

  6. Linze,
    Thank you for sharing. I have attended the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) conference twice and find that I can always find ways to integrate technology through workshops that are offered. I do not know of any other workshops at this time.